Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anti-choice abortion ban narrowly defeated.

Today marked a critical victory in the health-care debate—but we need your help right now to make sure it sticks.
The Senate Finance Committee narrowly rejected an anti-choice attempt to ban abortion coverage in the new health-care system.
But we are not even close to the finish line.
As the debate moves forward, Senators need to know they must continue to reject any and all attempts to take away abortion coverage from women who already have it.
Help us send as many letters as possible to the Senate in the next 24 hours, urging senators to reject ALL future anti-choice attacks on the health-care bill!
We know that our opponents aren't going to give up as the bill moves to a full congressional vote.
In fact, the victory over the abortion ban is bittersweet: during debate on the bill, the Senate Finance Committee did adopt an amendment restoring funding for Bush's failed "abstinence-only" program.
We must make sure the Senate does not make any more concessions to the anti-choice pressure they're feeling now. Write your lawmakers today!

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