Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fighting Crazy with Crazy

Remember a while back when I made this post about Minnesota's Pro Choice Lobby Day and the (then) latest round of anti-choice legistlation in the country? The "whole 'lotta ugly comin' at us from a neverending parade of stupid," if you will (Any Hairspray fans out there?).

One of the bills in question, HB 1, from the twisted mind of Rep. Bobby Franklin of Georgia, called for the creation of a "Uterus Police" to investigate the possible criminality of any woman's miscarriage (link in original post link above). This evening, tooling around on Feministe, my new favorite website for all kinds of feministy choice-y fun, I discovered the coolest anti-choice backlash I have yet to see.

Drawing Rep. Franklin's bill out to its [il]logical conclusion, a woman named Devery Doleman wrote him a little letter welcoming his investigation into the "potential murders going on in her pants." If, as his bill implies, "life begins at conception, and a fertilized egg is a human being with all the rights of any other citizen of the great state of Georgia, [he needs] to make sure that all egg-deaths are properly accounted for, and that all zygote-Americans receive a proper burial and an investigation into whether their deaths were caused by foul play," then every month she possibly commits a crime.

Her response to the Uterus Police? Voluntarily sending 'crime scene photos' to Rep. Franklin's office; an innocent person has nothing to hide. (Details after the jump)

Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire.

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