Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Open Letter to Senator Limmer

Dear Senator Limmer,
I know that we Minnesotans are proud of our agricultural heritage, but I must remind you that 2 percent is how we talk about milk, not women.
Of course, I’m responding to your quote in the Star Tribune about a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks, regardless of the woman’s situation, or approximately 2 percent of abortions. You said, “If it's only 2 percent then the other side of the argument really shouldn't have a whole lot to worry about."
As a woman and as a mother, I do worry. A lot. It’s what we do. And when I read about women, and their lives, dismissed in such a way, I worry that you don’t understand what is at stake.
I worry about the young rape victim, too ashamed to admit she’s pregnant until it’s too late. I worry about the incest victim, desperately trying to raise the money for her abortion care so her family doesn’t find out. I worry about the couple with a wanted pregnancy that learns something has gone terribly wrong and that an abortion is the best option to ensure they can have children in the future. I worry about each and every woman of reproductive health age, because of politicians who want to take away their very own profoundly personal decision between that woman and her provider.
So, Senator Limmer, please remember, when you make references to 2 percent of women, you’re talking about our sisters, our nieces, our friends, and our neighbors. You could even be talking about ME.
Linnea House

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